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Family Law

We understand that issues surrounding family law equate to a difficult and sensitive time in our clients’ lives. If you need family law representation our Lawyers will partner with you, giving you exceptional legal guidance, and leading you step-by-step through this delicate process with compassion.

We will provide you our service with the utmost discretion as we act with the intention to resolve your family law matter to your ultimate satisfaction in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner.

What we do
We have the experience necessary to guide you through all aspects of family law including the preparation of financial agreements, property settlements, parenting agreements, divorce, child support, spousal maintenance and Court proceedings.

The Process
The first step is for you to have a consultation with one of our family law Lawyers. In the initial consultation we will listen carefully to you so that we have a sound understanding of your matter to enable us to provide you with initial advice on the options that are available to you and the potential outcomes of such options.

Following the initial consultation, you will have been provided with the initial advice necessary so that you are confident in providing your instructions on how you would like your family law matter to proceed.

Whether your family law matter is an amicable separation or a complex matter involving litigation, our Lawyers have the knowledge and skill necessary to lead you through the process of your family law matter in a caring and practical manner.

The cost
In our initial consultation with you, we will provide you with full disclosure of what our costs are, providing you with an estimate of what the costs will be for your family law matter progressing to each step in the process.

We will discuss our billing procedure with you and the payment options that are available.

Our location
We are strategically located in the thriving Norwest Business Park and there is parking available on site for you and convenient access to Sydney’s motorway network if you do not reside close to Norwest Business Park.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Financial Agreements
    • Financial Agreements
    • A financial agreement is an agreement that provides how parties wish to divide their assets in the event of a separation. Financial agreements can be prepared before cohabitation (commonly referred to as a prenuptial agreement), during the relationship, or post-separation.
    • Financial agreements can be utilised by married and de facto couples.
    • In the initial conference we can provide you with the relevant advice including the risks associated with such agreements. Following the initial conference we can prepare a financial agreement or review any proposed document that you may provide to advise of the likely effect of the agreement.
  • Divorce
    • Divorce
    • A divorce application can be filed with the Court 12 months after the date of your separation.
    • Divorce applications may be filed with the Court by one party, or filed jointly with the consent of the parties.
    • We will guide you through all aspects of your divorce including providing you with the relevant advice, preparing the necessary documentation for filing with the Court and attending the Court hearing/s to seek an Order for your divorce.
  • Property Settlements
    • Property Settlements
    • A family law property settlement involves the finalisation of the division of property when a relationship has irretrievably broken down and the parties have separated.
    • We will provide you with advice on your property entitlements in your separation, and give you an understanding of the process involved.
    • We will then negotiate the proposed settlement for you with the opposing party’s lawyers and prepare settlement documentation when you are satisfied with the terms reached.
    • A settlement can be finalised by way of a financial agreement or consent orders of the Court.
    • If a settlement cannot be reached between the parties we will guide you through the litigation process all aspects of the family law litigation process with the intention of settling your matter as promptly as possible in the most cost effective manner.
  • Parenting Agreements
    • Parenting Agreements
    • Parenting agreements are used to formalise the arrangements that parents have reached in regards to the children when the parties have separated, such agreements set out matters such as whom the children will live with and how much time they will spend with the other parent.
    • We can assist you with finalising your parenting arrangements by drafting a family law compliant Parenting Plan or Consent Orders to be filed with the Court.
    • We will provide you with all necessary family law advice to enable you to make an informed decision, with the paramount consideration being what is in the best interests of the child.
  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
    • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
    • Child support payments are financial contributions made by one parent to the other parent for the purposes of the financial support of the child.
    • Spousal maintenance is when one party provides ongoing financial support to the former partner for their own use.
    • We can provide you with advice about your family law entitlements or obligations and the procedures involved for both child support and spousal maintenance.
  • Court Proceedings
    • Court Proceedings
    • Family law Court proceedings occur when a family law matter cannot be resolved without the intervention of the Court.
    • Our Lawyers have the experience necessary to represent your interests in all family law proceedings including mediation and Court attendances.
    • We will guide you through your family law matter and keep you informed of the progress of your matter with the intention of settling your matter as promptly as possible in the most cost effective manner.

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